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Your Best Go-To Dive Destination: Milne Bay in PNG

Your Best Go-To Dive Destination Milne Bay in PNG

Over the years, Papua New Guinea was able to join the ranks of the best dive sites in the world. But did you know how this dive destination made it to the global diving scene? It’s all thanks to the province of Milne Bay—the heart of scuba diving in PNG.

With its bountiful waters, great live aboard experience, and of course, amazing diving locations, Milne Bay is now a must visit place for every diver. Here are reasons why you should check it out this year.


What to expect in Milne Bay?

Milne Bay’s bountiful waters offer a rich marine biodiversity still unexplored by many. Expect to see sea creatures large and small, both common and unique to the waters of PNG. From spectacular coral gardens filled with barrel sponges and gorgonian fans to a school of barracudas and majestic hammerheads, the waters of Milne Bay is an underwater treasure trove worthy of diving.

The southernmost part of PNG was also an important base of the Australian Army during the WWII. The epic battle that occurred in the place against the seemingly invincible Japanese soldiers has made the waters of Milne Bay not only wreck dive-worthy but also historical significant among locals and tourists alike.

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Dive sites in Milne Bay

Being the site that launched PNG on to the global diving scene, Milne Bay got the best dive destination to offer.

Fancy some historical plunge? Milne Bay is home to various wreck sites tracing back to the WWII, the most well-known of which is the B-17 Black Jack Bomber. Lying undisturbed on the sandy seabed, this over 70-year old aircraft is considered by many to be one the best wrecks in the country.

Also, the province is a well-known thriving spot for muck divers. Discover bizarre critters such as pygmy lionfish and whimsical mantis shrimp buried beneath the barren, black sand of Dinah’s Beach near the village of Lauadi. Or you can also go find snake eels, fire urchins and other strange creatures in the sandy slopes of Observation Point.

Aside from the abovementioned sites, other notable dive destinations include Giants @ Home in Gona Bara Bara where the majestic manta rays frequent. Deacon’s Reef is also a worthy dive for its splendid coral gardens, perfect for doing underwater landscape photography.


Tawali Resort

Where to stay?

Teeming with diverse aquatic critters and pelagic action, Milne Bay is truly a site every diver like you should visit and explore. But where can you stay while exploring the waters of Milne Bay? There are two main options: go live aboard or stay at Tawali Dive Resort.

Living aboard is ideal if you want to explore the inaccessible regions of Milne Bay, which undeniably, hold the most beautiful dive sites of the place such as the B-17 Black Jack Bomber. For instance, you can ride the MV Spirit of Niugini and operate in three distinct itineraries to maximize the experience.


Or you can choose to stay at Tawali Dive Resort. Sitting on a limestone bluff 80ft above the water, Tawali offers the best diving package while exploring each destination. Its deluxe accommodation, delectable cuisine, and unique culture add up to the great experience aside from the rich dive sites it offers.

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