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Why Throw Your Son A 21st Birthday Party?

Filipinos love birthdays, especially coming-of-age celebrations: 18th (for girls) and 21st (for boys). That’s why parents do their best to give their children memorable experiences. They save money, meticulously plan the event, look for an excellent debut venue in Quezon City, and select the best services they can get. However, some children, especially boys, choose to forego traditional debut celebrations. They don’t like the frills and wish for thrills instead. Some ask their parents for a vacation to their dream country instead. Meanwhile, other parents give precious presents for their son. In some instances, they gift a car, smartphone, gaming set or a condo unit. Though there is nothing wrong with giving material things, we highly suggest parents still give their beloved boys a memorable birthday party. Here are the reasons why:


It’s a once in a lifetime experience.

We can’t get back time and a boy only gets to debut once, so why not make the most out of it? Remember, material things can be bought whenever and wear out over time. Meanwhile, an exceptional birthday party is a memory one can treasure in his lifetime. Give your child a chance to gather all of his loved ones in one room and celebrate with them as he enters manhood. Let him be filled with joy as he hears your touching messages while raising your glasses for a toast. It’s one of the times where he will feel valued the most. Therefore, go for it!


It’s a great opportunity for your son to boost his confidence.

Some boys are introverts and are not used to grand traditional debut celebrations. They are shy and don’t like to be in the spotlight. Thus, why not seize an intimate debut celebration as a good time for them to boost their confidence? Remember, it’s not required to have a large debut venue. Private party rooms in Quezon City will do, too! Imagine your son being surrounded by you, along with a few people who are special to him. This will help him loosen up and be free from inhibitions. He will feel valued, loved and happy as he gets to celebrate his milestone with you.


It’s when you can make his best dreams come true.

His birthday can be the day where he can be anything he wants. You can make his dreams come true through throwing a themed debut party! Professional party planners can help you in making his celebration be about his favorite anime, manga, movie or game. You can make him the protagonist in his own favorite story and make his friends dress up in cool costumes, too! Check out some cool 21st birthday ideas for guys here.


Traditional debut celebrations are not only meant for girls. You can give your beloved son a memorable experience, too! If you consider celebrating, start looking for a party planner and debut venue in Quezon City today!

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