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Why Getting Offshore Staffing Services is More Fun In The Philippines?

The Philippines is an eye-catcher for foreigners. Its paradise beaches, tropical climate, mouth-watering food, hospitable people and low cost of living are the main reasons for the booming tourism rate. But the country is not just about these beautiful destinations and unique experiences. It’s about business too! With its continuous development in communication, infrastructure and transportation, this promising country is now attracting more clients from different parts of the world.

Talk about clients, the Philippines is currently recognized for its excellent offshore staffing services. It was named three times as the “Offshoring Destination of the Year” by UK body National Outsourcing Association. According to statistics, demands are continuously growing at over 30% per year.

But first, what is offshore staffing?

Offshore staffing means hiring people to perform business functions in a country other than the one where the products or services are developed or manufactured. Say your company is based in Australia; it is possible that all the accounting processes happen in your country and yet, the production happens in the Philippines or vice versa. In simpler terms, it’s the process of establishing an exclusive team in another country.

Why is offshore staffing relevant to business?

It is actually relevant to any business due to benefits such as:

  1. Cost Reduction

The cost of living in the Philippines is significantly lower, which means that wages are also much lower than in other countries. As a result, business owners will be getting the same tasks accomplished all for a lower price! Moreover, businesses can take advantage of the lower tax and tariff regimes to produce goods and services while saving more—you produce more and simultaneously save more.


  1. Talent Abundance

It’s no secret that several countries are experiencing skills shortage. With that, Filipino workers are to the rescue! Their impressive English proficiency, commendable work ethics, and excellent skills are highly valuable in business. Besides, positions as offshore workers are considered as a typical middle-class job and are highly sought after. Therefore, the competition breeds better workers for companies who want to offshore to the Philippines.

You see, offshore staffing is highly beneficial in increasing the profitability of various businesses. However, there are also other countries that promise the same perks. So, what makes the Philippines the best place for it?

  1. Recognition

The track record of the Philippines on offshore staffing is remarkable. Being recognized three times as the “Offshoring Destination of the Year” by UK body National Outsourcing Association shows how feasible the country is.


  1. Competent Workers

The country exhibits an abundance of highly-skilled professionals and qualified talents. Its workforce is highly commendable not only in skills but also in attitude. When foreigners are asked to describe their workforce in the Philippines, they often describe them as dedicated, hardworking and respectful. The Filipinos’ strong commitment to loyalty and respect is carried in work professionally.


  1. Strong Government Support

The offshoring industry is now the second largest by GDP contribution in the country. To assist and support industry growth, the Philippine government set up special economic zones managed by the Philippine Economic Zone. This includes financial incentives such as tax holidays, duty waivers, and reduced taxes which make offshore staffing to the Philippines more favorable.

These reasons prove that in finding offshore staffing services, the Philippines is the right place in the same way that, when it comes to vacations, foods, experiences and business, it’s simply more fun in the Philippines!

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