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Should Filipinos Use a Migration Agent to Immigrate to Australia?

Did you know? It was reported by The Guardian (Article: The changing shape of Australia’s immigration policy, Top 10 countries of origin for permanent migrants to Australia.) that there were over 12.2k Filipinos living in Australia permanently since 2017.There are plenty of reasons why Filipinos move to Australia. It could be a fondness for Australia, shot at a better chance at life, or reuniting with family members among others.


If you’ve visited Australia once or multiple times, loved what you’ve experienced, and considered working or living there, you’ll need help from a registered migration agent to assist you with the immigration process.




Migration Agents and the Need to Hire One

Immigrating to Australia is no walk in the park. There are plenty of requirements that need careful consideration to ensure your success at being granted a visa. These range from which type of visa you’re applying for, passport photos, evidence of financial capacity, evidence of travel history, and more.

The requirements are just the tip of the iceberg. You also have deadlines to consider, there’s the internet with an overabundance of information which may not yield the perfect answers, and also the hassle of paperwork. Even then, you’re not sure if everything is correct once you have them submitted.

With the help of a registered migration agent, you’ll have access to personalized assistance. These migration agents aren’t appointed by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) but are instead registered with them. What this means is that you’re not going to have to meet with an Australian to assist you but rather a fellow Filipino that will guide you through the whole process. This makes communicating easier because of familiarity.

According to iRemit, registered Filipino migration agents are employed to provide you with specialized advice on immigration matters, represent you in dealings with the Australian DIBP, and to assist you in preparing your visa application.


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Migration AgentsHave to be Registered

When seeking assistance from migration agents, you have to make sure they’re registered to the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). Only registered migration agents are lawfully allowed to assist you with the immigration process.

Do not in under any circumstances hire a ‘migration agent’ who isn’t registered. The Australian Migration Act 1958, Part 3 states that any person who gives “immigration assistance” must be a registered migration agent.

The law also strictly enforces a rule that a person who isn’t registered must not give immigration assistance.Doing so would count as an offense of strict liability (Migration Act 1958, Part 3, Division 2, Section 1 and 1A)

Refer to this if any ‘migration agent’ tells you that they can still handle your application process without being registered at all.


Get Assisted

Now with the legal matters out of the way, you can now look around for your local friendly Filipino registered migration agent to help you with your visa application. Always remember to keep it lawful and trust your application only to qualified agents to ensure fast and hassle-free visa application to Australia.



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