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Permanent Makeup Procedures for Your Specific Beauty Needs

Permanent makeup has a long history from the ancient time up to this date. According to archaeologists, discoveries show evidence that Egyptian women are using green ore of copper for eyeshadow going back 5000 B.C. There is also evidence that some used henna to dye hair, carmine to redden lips, and kohl to blacken eyebrows, eyelids, and lashes.

Today, permanent makeup came into a whole new level using state-of-the-art tools, long-lasting pigments, and hyper-realistic strokes. And the good news? It’s here in Manila, Philippines!

Cosmetic clinics in Manila are now giving you the chance to wake up with makeup and that means:

  1. You’ll spend less time perfecting your makeup since you don’t have to fill your face with cosmetics daily.
  2. You’ll save money because you can skip buying brow pencils, lipsticks, BB cream and other makeup.
  3. You’ll boost your confidence and self-esteem because you’ll wake up looking and feeling more beautiful.


And the best part? Permanent makeup comes in various types! Its procedures are tailored to the specific needs of your eyebrows, eyelids, lips and facial skin.


1 Eyebrows

  • Eyebrow Microblading 

This technique gives out a very natural look through drawing hair-like strands in the direction of the natural hair’s growth to achieve a hyper-realistic look. It is done by making superficial cuts to the skin to deposit permanent pigment.



  • Eyebrow Microshading 

In microshading, the makeup professional corrects your sparse or thinning brows using a manual tool that administers tiny, pin-like dots in a gradient pattern, resembling the effect of pencils and pomades.  Unlike cosmetics that can be removed in few washes, the result of microshading can last up to three years!



2 Eyelids

  • Permanent Eyeshadow

This treatment uses natural liquid pigments in subtle colors to be artistically embedded into the eyelids. The result delivers a velvety powder finish, providing a hint of glamour on the delicate eyelids and creating radiant effects into the eyes.


Permanent Eyeshadow - ReaPinpin


  • Permanent Eyeliner

If you want to channel your inner fierceness, permanent eyeliner is the way to go! The procedure involves a special pigment that is applied above the lash line and it’s drawn almost as if you were to put eyeliner on. With this treatment, you don’t have to worry about spreading eyeliner in your eyes all the time!



3 Lips

  • Permanent Makeup Lip Blush

Permanent makeup lip blush is perfect for people who have dark and asymmetrical lips. Artists in Manila use tiny needles and techniques to implant pigments into the skin to brighten, highlight and define the shape of the lips.



4 Skin 

  • Permanent BB Glow

If you’re in love with the effect of BB Cream, this treatment will best suit you! The procedure involves using natural color particles that brightens and evens the skin. It also reduces wrinkles and pigmentation caused by aging.



Those are the permanent makeup procedures for your specific beauty needs.

Contact your trusted beauty artisan in Manila now, and have your beauty enhanced!

Note: The color from permanent makeup will never leave your skin. However, permanent makeup is not exactly permanent. These cosmetic tattoos may fade with time and exposure to the elements, and can also be removed with laser tattoo removal.

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