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Perks and Challenges of a December Wedding in the Philippines

Did you know that June and December are popular months to get married? June is popular because of an ancient Roman belief that’s supposed to give couples blessings from Juno. Though June is over, there’s still December, and it’s a nice day month for a white wedding.



December is perfect for an outdoor wedding and reception because of hanging amihan making the weather cool in the Philippines. That kind of weather helps makeup artists to work on the bride no sweat, literally.

It’s also perfect for the family-oriented couples as December is the month to be for reunions and family gatherings, making it possible that loved ones from abroad can attend your wedding.

For certain, you and your guests would feel the Christmas vibes as it’s the season of joy, and January being the start of a new year means it’s also the perfect way to start fresh.



In the Philippines, December is the month of joy and giving, and also celebration preparations. Weddings set on the holidays means holiday rush and traffic jams. Event services are also in high demand and so are suppliers, making it harder to book for your wedding. As for wedding makeup artists, you can expect a premium rate since it’s a busy month.


Tips for a Hassle-Free December Wedding

  1. Book Early
    Christmas is always early in the Philippines so booking early for venues, suppliers, photographers/videographers, and wedding makeup artists will give you a huge advantage. The quality of service they provide will be at its tip-top shape if you’re the first one they’ll work with. Speaking of suppliers, do attend bridal expos and fairs, you might get discounts while at it.
  2. Secure Legal Papers
    A marriage license is the most important document that you’ll need when preparing for a wedding. You won’t be allowed to have a civil/church wedding without it. To apply for one, find your local civil registrar.You’ll be able to claim the license after 10 working days, so bear that in mind.

    See: Marriage License Requirements

  3. Get Ahead of the TrafficTraffic is bad in the Philippines and worse during the holiday season.To get around it: Drive to the ceremony and reception venues at the same time and day of the week that your wedding will take place to help you calculate or approximate the travel time and traffic conditions.
    Bonus: Check out Google Maps. You might find alternate routes to your venues that would also prove valuable to you and your guests



All Set

Now that you’re aware of the pros and cons of a December wedding in the Philippines, you’ll be ready to be a December bride.  For a makeup artist, on time is already late. As a bride, you can also make use of that saying to prepare early every time so you’ll never have to face any hassles for your wedding even in a holiday season.




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