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How to Choose a Wedding Dress in a Bridal Expo this 2019

A wedding expo has everything you need for your dream wedding, and that includes beautifully crafted wedding dresses. 2019 is another year of excitement for the wedding expo scene in the Philippines and this May is a month to look forward to especially for future June brides.

There will be hundreds of vendors and exhibitors to choose from, all offering their own services including but not limited to catering, event hosting, videographers, hair and makeup, reception venues, cakes, souvenirs and especially wedding dresses.

Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is very important to the bride. Though it’s a dress good for only one occasion, it’s also very significant at a wedding because it shows how special the bride is for the groom and everyone attending their wedding.

By attending a wedding expo in the Philippines this 2019, you’ll have an easier time meeting vendors and picking out dresses since they’re all in one big convention. You just need to find a suitable vendor that can craft your dream wedding dress for the big day.

Choosing a Wedding Dress and a Vendor

There are 5 things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding dress for you. You have to take into account your budget, dress code, body shape, comfort, and extra costs. Use the following points as guide for your dress hunting:

  • Determine how much you’re willing to spend for a dress before you look at them and let the vendor know so they could recommend details and designs that fit your price range.
  • Stealing the spotlight is one thing and sticking out like a sore thumb is another; match your wedding dress to the wedding theme you’ve chosen for your venue and guests.
  • Different styles look great on different body shapes. Look for style guides and the latest bridal fashion trends. Research online, choose a designer, and request the wedding gown design you want.
  • Style is important but so is your comfort. Pick a wedding dress that gives you the best style and leeway for movement.
  • Additional costs have nothing to do about the dress. Put away budget for miscellaneous items like shoes, tulle, jewelry, and even undergarments or lingerie..

There will be lots of vendors inside the expo and you only have one good choice to make. Make your choice count by scrutinizing them with a keen eye. They should:

  • Be great listeners. They pick up on all your inputs and understand your taste, personality, and your wishes. It’s just easier to communicate your thoughts with these vendors.
  • Be passionate about the service. There’s a sales person that’s just in it to win it, and there’s another that’s there to genuinely help you out. The passionate vendor will give you tips based on your body type and will let you try out any dress that you like and will make surprising, yet pleasing recommendations you probably haven’t thought about.
  • Have sparkling reviews. Positive testimonials are easily considered as good advertising. Their previous clients say it all if the vendor is the right one for your needs. Be as equally keen about bad reviews.

Bonus Tip Before You Go

Bring your fiancé along with you. While you’re always hearing about bringing a family member or close friends to a wedding expo, it usually never occurs to them if the groom will be impressed by the wedding dress.

Some folks can be superstitious about the bride and groom seeing each other before the wedding, but you’ll still end up marrying your fiancé anyway. Superstitions be damned, this is practical and you should try it.

This 2019’s wedding expo in the Philippines is the perfect event to do this with your fiancé so pack your essentials, grab a ticket to the event, and go!

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