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Here comes the bride! (Makeup tips before you say ‘I do’!)

A wedding is undeniably one of the most important occasions in one’s life, where two people in love are celebrated and united in marriage. Two people that vow to spend and share their lives together – a very sweet and special occasion indeed. But let’s face it – before your walk down the aisle, your calendar will be filled with a whole lot of planning and preparations that can take its toll on everyone involved, especially the bride.

It is quite common for the bride to forefront wedding arrangements, especially that a wedding day is also considered as her day. From the venue to the food, wedding rings and the gown, a bride makes sure that nothing is short of perfection. However, there’s something else that plays a very important role in a wedding: the bridal makeup

Luckily for us Filipina brides, we have the top makeup artist based in the Philippines like Ms. Rea Pinpin. Rea is a professional makeup artist with a diploma in International Beauty Make-up Artistry at Make-up Designory, a prestigious school considered as the “Harvard” of makeup schools. She also completed a course in Fashion Styling at School of Fashion and the Arts to expand the scope of her study.

With her intrinsic talent, passion and the superior knowledge for her art, Rea is undoubtedly the best makeup artist in the Philippines. But besides her expertise as a makeup artist, her ability to relate to her clients sets her apart from others. Her enthusiasm and upbeat disposition puts her clients at ease, helping them relax before the big moment and giving them the confidence boost they need. Read more testimonials from her clients here.

bride makeup

Are you a bride on a budget? Well worry not because we have tips you need to consider if you want to do your own makeup.

  1. Decide on the look you want

In this everything-is-in-google type of generation, it’s really easy to look for a peg. Whether you want it simple or glamorous, there are a lot of references available over the internet and even video tutorials on how you can apply it yourself. Look for pegs and decide what is “yours” for the day. This way, you will know what you need for sure, therefore, helping you save money.

  1. Buy quality products

No, buying quality products does not necessarily mean that you should buy the expensive ones. Choose what suits your skin best, what compliments your tone and won’t give you any skin irritation. A lot of local brands have really good staying power, perfect for a day/night long event.

  1. Makeup Rehearsal

Do a makeup rehearsal at least two to three weeks before your wedding day. This way, you can check if the style of your make up suits you, or if you need other products as well as to master the application.

  1. Own your look

Your bridal makeup is something that you should really be happy about. If you’re not satisfied with your look, then no matter what style or product you use, it would not work for you. That’s what makeup rehearsals are for. Find the best look that would suit you. Hide the flaws and accentuate your assets. Remember: if you don’t love it, don’t wear it.

So be the prettiest that you can be on your special day and worry not about your makeup! Whether you do it on your own or go for professional help with the top makeup artist, you are sure to have an event in your life even more worth remembering.

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