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At first, they will ask you why you’re doing it. Later, they’ll ask how you did it…

People are looking for a different lifestyle to live, persons to follow, and purpose to do. Once someone tried and succeeded, others will start to ask why that person did it. If they find it worthy to follow, they will start to ask how it’s done. Here in DL, we are investigating how people are trying to find and live a lifestyle. We will try our best to give our readers practical tools and tips on why and how people do inspiring things. Those lifestyle patterns that made a mark and are worth sharing.

Fashion & Beauty

We have to be at our best in order for us to do something, and it should start from the beauty within and then outward. Wear your best smile and dress for a more beautiful you! It’s not just for the girls, but for the guys also. Have that confidence and wear your best suit to make an impact with the people around you.

Health & WellnessHealth & Wellness

Speaking of beauty from within, the key to a successful lifestyle is by living in a healthy way! If you really wanted to follow a certain pattern to live, start by eating healthy foods do more exercise! You will be surprised at the result and people will soon follow your lead. Take a wellness program and start living a healthier lifestyle than what you have right now. Stay fit and healthy!


Lifestyle varies from one person to another, but we just have to be careful on how we live our lives. People with a healthier lifestyle tend to enjoy even the simplest things in life. While those that don’t, have little time in appreciating what life is about.  Follow detective lifestyle blog and find useful tips and advice how you can start a better lifestyle today!


Every month, our blog features articles that we see as most valuable to our readers. Some are our own original contents, and some are contributed by readers. Have a chance to be selected and be included in our “Feature” Section by submitting your works to us! If you passed our criteria, your work will be published right after we finished reviewing it.


LifestyleWe do not just publish lifestyle articles, but travel and adventures too! We think that some people made travel their own lifestyle, so we are going to investigate how they do it! Si hop in and enjoy life!


Our world is changing in very fast pace, and we have to catch up with it! Technology enthusiasts are welcome to share their ideas on how technology shapes our lifestyle today and in the future.


Hear what’s the latest investigation from our detectives and how those can that they share can have an impact on our lifestyles.

Want to be a Detective Lifestyle contributor?

If you have very compelling content and you want to share it with our readers, you can use our contact us page or send us a message through our social media accounts. We are just one click away and we will respond to you as soon as possible.