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5 Reasons Why Cheap Hair Transplant Will Cost You More

Some men and women of the Philippines suffer psychologically and emotionally from having pattern hair loss and the search for affordable hair loss treatments is a priority for those who are affected. There are tried and tested methods of hair loss treatments ranging from topical remedies, supplement intake, and hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is possibly the most recognized and effective hair loss treatment readily available within the Philippines, namely follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

These are minimally invasive procedures that usually produce great results especially for patients suffering from male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). Though, the procedures are expensive and are off-putting for some, they have near perfect rate of restoring hair back to their previous thickness.

The Pitfalls of Cheap Hair Transplant

Money to afford hair loss treatment via surgery is admittedly hard to come by in the Philippines. It’s expensive but for good reason. Patients deterred by the price of hair transplantation often look for cheaper alternatives and expect the same exact result.

Finding a cheap hair transplant surgery might seem like a good thing, but in reality, it might not be as effective or even dangerous. This is because illegally operating clinics will take advantage of unsuspecting patients by advertising cheaper price for the service. Patients doing medical tourism are the most common victims, especially in Turkey.

A good hair transplant procedure won’t be cheap since it needs the expertise of a skilled surgeon and staff to produce the best results. According to WebMD, a hair transplant will likely cost you around PHP 26,000 more or less (converted from $5000 to PHP).

Furthermore, there’s always risk involved in partaking in a cheap service from illegal clinics as the quality will be just as poor, and worse, might do more harm than good.

Illegal Clinics

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery or ISHRS recently released a guideline that warns patients about illegal hair restoration practices.

Hair restoration scamming apparently happens all around the world wherein patients are lured to “black market pirate clinics” operated by unlicensed technicians with little to no training promising significant or guaranteed results. By the time a patient is victimized, they realize too late and end up having a botched, not to mention infected hair surgery.

A botched surgery yields the following problems.

  • Scarring
  • Abnormal hairlines
  • Poor hair growth
  • Wrong hair direction
  • Depleted donor area in the scalp
  • Infections and inaccurate graft counts

Don’t be a Victim

Do your research on a clinic before you commit to getting a hair loss transplant. A cheap hair loss treatment simply isn’t worth it if it endangers your life. Always go for the reputable clinics in the Philippines and if you really have to go for medical tourism, keep all of this in mind and you’ll be fine. Save up for the real deal and get the best results.

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