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5 Must Have Offshore Fishing Gear You Can Buy in the Philippines

Anglers and offshore fishing boats must be equipped with the essential gears to get the most out of a trip and hook biggest catch. A good angler should be able to catch fish, but with better equipment, he could do more. You need the best gear for your next offshore fishing trip to catch the big one and lucky for you, the best gear you can search for is just one order away from overseas to your doorstep in the Philippines.

Why do You Need Good Gear

You need the best equipment you can get and a rugged offshore fishing boat because offshore fishing requires you to be really in the deep and everything you have should be suitable for the rigors of the Philippines’ rough seas. You don’t want your fishing gear failing you when you need it the most.

You’ll be needing rods, reels, line, clothes, and electronics for your offshore fishing activities. These things will cost you but it’ll improve your angling experience vastly so look for the best gear for a justifiable price.


The problem with getting the best offshore fishing gear within the Philippines is the issue of availability in physical stores. Some stores may or may not have the gear you need, may be too far away to visit, or too expensive to ask a delivery from.

This is why you’ll need to browse online shops like Lazada and Amazon to look for the best gear and possibly find one with a discount and preferably with free shipping.

The Must Haves

Fishing Rod – Shimano Curado

fishing rodThe Shimano Curado is priced like a midrange fishing rod but it performs with high end effects. The high modulus carbon blank is lightweight, the reels are easy to grip, and the high quality cork handle is ergonomic which gives you long precision casts like no other.

This is a versatile choice which you’ll be glad to have in your offshore fishing boat.

The Shimano Curado costs Php 8146 – Php 9152. You can get it on Amazon.

Reel – 13 Fishing Concept Z


The Z in the name means zero, and zero is for the amount of ball bearings this reel has: none.

It’s a real workhorse for offshore fishing as it can handle tremendous pressure and can withstand abuse especially from saltwater corrosion.  What you’ll get is a very long casting reel with a compact low-profile bass reel performance. It casts well and can throw light baits even in windy conditions.

It costs a whopping Php 10,578 on Amazon but the price is justified by the superior performance you’re getting so go reel it in.

Line – Pro Beros Premier Pro Series PE Four Strand Fish Line (Braided 300 Meters)


This is a great choice if you need a fish line that can resist abrasions with near zero stretch, resist water absorption, and put out a pulling force of a hundred pounds. It’s braided with 4 strands, still thinner than microfilament lines, and very versatile for different situations aside from offshore fishing.

Get it from Lazada for just Php 259. It’s on sale right now for 13% off so don’t miss it!

Clothes – Under Armour Fish Hunter Long Sleeve


When you hear about Under Armour, you’ll always think about the best sportswear they provide. This doesn’t look like any sportswear that they’d sell but it literally has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

The shirt is made from 100% polyester but feels silky smooth to the touch and is also a woven fabric that’s stretchable and breathable. The features you’ll want here are the mesh-backed shoulder vent system, sweat-wicking function, and the anti-odor and stain-release technologies.

This shirt is perfect to wear in an offshore fishing boat since it can cool you down this hot summer season in the Philippines. Get the shirt on Amazon for just Php 2086.

Electronics – Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder (Depth Finder with Auto-Tuning CHIRP Sonar, 7 Inch)


When you need good eyes underwater just to scout for fish, you’ll need a sonar device for your boat. That’s exactly what the Lawrence HOOK2 provides you.

The auto-tuning feature actively corrects your sonar settings for a clear view; the wide angle broadband and chirp fish finders doubles the sonar coverage and also offers DownScan or SideScan imaging.

It’s a guarantee you’ll always be one step ahead of the other anglers with this sonar device. Get it from Amazon for Php 29,930. There are other sizes available aside from the 7 inch model so the prices may vary.

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

The selections above are all great picks but you can still improvise your equipment list to whatever works for you. A skilled angler aboard a good offshore fishing boat can make everything work to his favor and catch the big ones.

The items listed above are easily found online and ready to be shipped to the Philippines. If you happen to fancy them, just follow the links and buy the gear. Happy fishing!

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