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4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Wedding Expos During the Love Month


Ahh, the love month is fast approaching and so is your wedding! Don’t fret; February has plenty of good stuff going for it and squeezing in a bit of your time attending wedding expos and planning can actually be a great activity for you and your future hubby.

Here are some reasons why the love month is the perfect time to explore your options:

‘Cause it’s the love month

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February is the month when everything comes together.Love is in the air and almost everything just feels bright and airy. Might as well take this opportunity to meet & discover wedding vendors, get wedding discounts, and even get freebies! Yes, the bigger bridal fairs give out freebies for simply attending. Try going to these wedding expos and who knows, you might receive these love month freebies?

It’s a great time to bond with your partner

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There’s nothing better than deciding on important wedding details together with your partner. Even though you’re both on a task to plan your wedding, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun while doing it.Take notes and pictures. Keep an open mind. Enjoy the wedding planning process. Take all the time that you both need and savor it. Of course, a dinner date at the mall would be a great way to cap the day.

It’s an avenue for inspiration

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Talk about important events. Reminisce the best moments of your relationship and pull inspiration from these. Take everything into consideration—from the venue, rentals, music, designs, and theme. Collect and organize your life’s highlights, exercise your creativity, and envision exactly what it is that you and your partner want. If you already have these settled, it’s time to go hunt for wedding expos!

It’s the start of the year

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If you want it early in the year, it’s best to attend wedding expos in the month of February. A good way to start is to know more about the suppliers first before attending a wedding expo. Do your online work in January to know more about the suppliers by browsing online sites, reviews, and remember to take notes. That way, you will come prepared and not be overwhelmed come February when you attend a wedding expo, you have an idea which suppliers to check out! Then you still get your fresh supply of everything wedding plus it’s the month of love—need I say more?

To help alleviate the stress of wedding planning, go to wedding expos. Celebrate the month of love with your partner and always keep this in mind: have fun in the process!

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