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4 Makeup Tips for Hot, Humid Philippine Summer Weather

The summer season is nearing its peak, and we are all feeling the heat. Not only are summers very hot in the country, they’re also very humid, enough to turn well put-on makeup into skin-cracking face-cake. But worry not, with these 4 tips, you can be your own professional makeup artist and get your fleek on all day despite the heat & humidity.

Moisturize and Prime


The Philippines is tropically warm all year round but more so in summer. Before your makeup routine, start by using light, oil-free moisturizer on your skin right after your shower to keep it hydrated all day long. After moisturizing, proceed to start your makeup routine with a thin layer of primer. Especially in the humid weather, the primer is going to be a great way to help your makeup stay on.

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Go Bare

bare face

While we’re on the subject of putting on makeup thinly, go for bare skin look, focusing less on putting on color, and instead, brushing up brows and matching it with a light colored lipstick. It looks and feels light, and it’s easy to wear all day even in the heat. You wouldn’t even need to be a professional makeup artist to counter the humidity in the Philippines; you just need to go for a natural, makeup-less look.

Get Wet!

get wet

And by that, we mean to avoid dry powder makeup. You will break a sweat and your powder will cake. You can use gel or stains instead. Also, go for oil or wax-based eyeliners instead of powdered eyeshadows because they tend to crease over time. If you’ve got your moisture on, help it stay with oil or wax-based makeup, but only do so lightly, which brings us to our next item…

A Little goes a Long Day

summer heat

If you want a look that gets you through the morning commute, through the busy meetings, through the hectic lunch break, and through the terrible Manila rush hour commute going home, remember that less is more. Liquid makeup might feel a little heavy on the skin but only if applied a little too much, so go easy on your face by going easy on the makeup. There are a lot of professional makeup artists in the Philippines that have channels on YouTube that you can watch if you are uncertain how to pull off the bare look as well.

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