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4 Hotel Party Ideas

Life is full of milestones that we enjoy celebrating. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding, christening, anniversary, promotion or retirement, we can always find a reason to gather our loved ones and share the joy. Our light-heartedness and love for celebrations trace back to early history, wherein even our ancestors are known to host lavish parties (piging). Our fondness to being surrounded with delicious foods, laughing with our favorite people, and making special memories runs deep in our Filipino culture. It’s no wonder why we still find throwing a party a euphoric experience.

Talk about a party, be it grand or small, the common factors we consider are the venue, number of visitors, food, theme or occasion, and budget. To reduce the costs, we Filipinos traditionally host parties in our houses and backyards. Remember when our mothers told us to help in general cleaning, decorate our living room (sala) and present foods in a single long table? It’s hard work, but it’s homely fun.

Today, in the face of Quezon City’s progress and advent of high-rise buildings, 5-star hotels and world-class venues, celebrations can now be taken to a whole new level. Families and barkadas can skip the hassle of party planning, decorating, cooking and budgeting. Just check the affordable rates online, book your choice and the hotel service will do the rest! Here are some ideas that hotels in Quezon City can realize for your small or grand party:


1 Pool Party

Booking a hotel room now comes with pool passes allowing you and your guests to take a dip whenever you want! You can enjoy a quiet, private and refreshing time in resort-like pools.  Plus, you can also ask for beer, burgers, hotdogs, veggies and other delicious munchables as these can be included in your package. You can also rent some cool swan floats and have a friendly pool fight!


Hotel Pool Party


2 Spa Party

Host a pampering party for your loved ones where you can take sauna baths, massage sessions, facial treatments and full manicure together. You can also have a day of self-care experiences inside your hotel room with its jacuzzi and bathtub. It’s the perfect place to relieve your stress and get your spirits up!


spa hotel party


3 Slumber Party

Pizza, karaoke, movies, cards, board games and pillow fights are your slumber party must-haves! Stay up all night and have epic fun over world-class venues in Quezon City. The rooms are soundproof so you can belt out your favorite songs and be free to laugh out loud. In case you worry about the price, the rates are very affordable for both small and big groups. Now go, and ready those silk pajamas and cute eye masks!


hotel slumber Party


4 Wine Tasting Party

No need to bar hop to taste your favorite wines and beverages. Party venues in Quezon City are proud of their in-house bars. Here, you can get a wide variety of food, drinks, and entertainment in just one place. You and your loved ones can enjoy the ambiance and the premium service they offer. But if you want something more private or just longing for small amounts of wine, you can stay in your hotel room and enjoy the minibar.


wine Tasting hotel Party


You can select one or turn all these ideas into reality because small party venues in Quezon City are complete with amenities and can adjust according to your needs. The bottom line is that whatever your gathering is, be it big or small, hotels in Quezon City can surely host!



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