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3 Tips to Make your Sailboat Go Faster

Sailing the Philippine waters in a sailboat is a real treat since you’re in for a nice and quiet cruise with friendly folks left and right. But sometimes the quiet cruise can get dull and boring, and eventually, you’ll be looking for something to beat the boredom.

While in your sailboat at the docks, look around you and you’ll find powerboaters skimming the waters and leaving huge wakes. It looks thrilling and it kind of makes you want to get a powerboat. But wait, your sailboat can also pick up some serious speed too if you know how to.

Your sailboat can surprise even powerboaters if you follow these tips:

More Wind = More Speed

If there’s wind and you feel you’re not going fast enough, that means there’s more wind. But you can’t actually see wind, so you have to look out for dark patches on the water.

Dark patches of water mean more wind, and to see it better, try wearing polarized sunglasses and look for the puffs and lulls of water. You can check better if you position yourself at the sailboat’s boom.

Another technique requires you to find a spot wherein there aren’t many other boats in. Wind follows the path of least resistance, and if you’re sharing wind with multiple sailboats, you’re certain to go slower. Having an open area with no other boats around means you’re having the wind all to yourself.

Picture a freeway or expressway, and you’re having it to yourself. Less traffic, more speed.

There are also windy places in the Philippines that would be perfect to test out techniques such as Puerto Galera.

Lose Weight

When your purpose is to sail fast, empty the water tanks and leave the unnecessary items on the dock. Not only does it make your sailboat lighter, but it also creates more room for your crew to maneuver around in.

Add a Feathering or Folding Propeller

Adding one can give your sailboat an extra knot or two. Pick a low drag folding propeller for the best results especially the two-bladed versions as they generate the least amount of drag.

These are just some basic but helpful tips that can get you more speed. With this, you can up the ante of your sailing activities and beat the boredom. Skim through the Philippine waters with ease and wow the other boaters out there with your newfound sailing techniques and faster sailboat.

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